Unsafe equipment can cause accidents and fatalities if they are used unsafely or poorly maintained.  

Vehicles falling/rolling off incorrectly positioned jacks or faulty stands, particularly where they are not chocked, are one of the main causes of fatal accidents in the car industry. Working beneath a vehicle is often required to check for faults, servicing and repairs etc but because these tasks are so common people get used to working under potentially lethal weights. 

Unfortunately, serious and fatal accidents happen every year even though the dangers and precautions are well known.  You must always use the right equipment for the job. Don't be tempted to take short cuts or use inappropriate equipment to lift heavy items.

We have now developed a revolutionary idea to raise the vehicle to a more safe and stable working level without the use of unstable axle stands. Ideal for working safely under vehicles and gives you total freedom to work round vehicle without any obstructions.​